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January, 2014

It was 50 years ago

January 29, 2014

I have certainly spoken a lot about the cultural shifts we can expect from Uranus and Pluto’s dance that will last for several years. I have talked about the last time we saw similar activity between these two planets, which was the 1960’s. Let’s have some fun, get in the time machine and explore some of the historical turning points that these two planets represent. 

I was watching PBS last week and they were showing a special about 1964. At one point, they showed Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello twisting on the California beach. I walked out of the room at that moment, walked back in about 90 seconds later and the scene had dramatically changed to violent Civil Rights protests. That can sum it up in a nutshell. On one hand, life goes on – people go to work everyday and still have birthdays, holidays, celebrations and the regular ups and downs of life. But simmering in the background, the collective marches on and 1964 was an irrevocable watershed moment. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a major part of the changing climate in the U.S. Sadly, on some level, we as a nation still struggle with this. But now, in the current transit of Uranus and Pluto, a similarly landmark policy is happening as we are watching same-sex marriage become a reality in our country. Back in 1964, it was very difficult for a same-sex couple to openly live together. I think this, too, the nation may struggle with for many years as well, despite the legislation. 
In late January of 1964, a time period with which I have a close personal relationship, the #1 pop song in America was “There! I’ve Said it Again” by Bobby Vinton. It had been popular back in 1945 for the crooner Vaughan Monroe. For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember this song, here it is: Nowadays, we would probably refer to this type of song as “easy listening.” And in fact, this song did chart in the Easy Listening category at that time. But this song is significant for another reason. This was the song that defined an irrevocable moment in music history, because once this song left the #1 spot on the charts, what came next forever changed music. The “before and after” moment.
That would be “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”:
Of course.
Now many of us know we have heard this story many, many times before. How The Beatles craze happened and swept England and America and then the world. But this is a shining example of the point I am trying to make with Uranus and Pluto. One moment, tame Bobby Vinton, the next moment, an earthquake of sound that changed life forever. In the blink of an eye, everyone’s perspective changed, consciousness opened, infinite possibilities, a seismic, quantum shift. Richard Bartlett, the founder of Matrix Energetics, says that if the shift doesn’t happen in a blink, or less than a blink – it isn’t quantum. And here it was, a joyous moment we are reminiscing about this month, one that no one forgot, that is still being spoken about 50 years later with much excitement. I can’t think of too many joyous moments that we have in this world that lasts in the collective memory as this one has. 
There was a quality in these young men that was inexplicable. What was it that made everyone go nuts? The hair? The suits? The accents? 
It was alchemy. They had a vitality between the four of them that was electric. A combination of elements that was indescribably attractive and scintillating. Did anyone expect this to show up in their life, on the TV or radio and have the impact that it did? Of course not! That’s part of the Uranus Pluto surprise. No one expected this, least of all The Beatles themselves. The world was not the same after this, we never saw this before and we have not seen it since. But to every person who witnessed it, the transformation was palpable. They were messengers of that transformation represented by Uranus and Pluto. The world was changing and we couldn’t go back.

The New Year and Mars

January 11, 2014

While Venus is still retrograde for all of January, we have some other planetary activity to work through. Mars entered Libra in early December and will remain there until late July. This is one very long transit for Mars, which usually stays in a sign for two months. But Mars will retrograde in early March and stay in that motion until May 20th. 

Like Venus, there are do’s and don’ts of a retrograde period with Mars. In this case, Mars is in Libra – a sign it does not favor. Remember that Mars is the warrior planet, action oriented and the ruler of Aries, the opposite sign to Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, and is a peace loving sign. Mars is not at home there. In this case, we are contending with a planet that doesn’t operate well in a sign where it will have an extended stay. While Mars is retro – don’t buy a new car, a new computer or any new machines – Mars rules machines. You will be dissatisfied with your purchase. Don’t start a war with anyone – you won’t win. This means your condo board, your boss, your family and especially your partner – because Mars is in Libra, a partnership sign.

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Mars passed through the exciting Uranus/Pluto zone. Mars first squared Pluto, then a few days later opposed Uranus. What happened for you during this period? You may realize there was a connection to the evolutionary journey for you, the one I have mentioned before that we are all on during the years of these outer planet transits. Maybe something that pushed you along, ready or not. That’s Mars’ job this time – to get us really moving along on that journey, to take the risks, to say yes because we are ready to move forward. Something new or different is now within reach. This transit will happen again while Mars has its extended stay in Libra. Mars will retrograde back to visit Uranus and Pluto in mid- April and will start slowing down to turn direct. Which means that Mars will linger in the realm of the two outer planets for all of May and into June. 

An intense time for sure! This is where the turning point of this journey will occur. I would expect that the Spring won’t be a dull time by any means. There will be eclipses in April and Jupiter will get in on the action as well. The Jupiter in Cancer placement will create a Grand Cross – Jupiter opposite Pluto while Mars is opposite Uranus, each of these squaring each other, making it look like a big criss-cross. I expect that the Spring of 2014 will be one of those time periods that we will remember throughout our lives. These aspects are dramatic and phenomenally life altering, hang on to your hats! 

Meanwhile, to prepare for this, I would advise to look at your life and the changes you wish to make. Use this time constructively to decide what’s next for you and move it forward. Just be aware that the movement is more likely to occur in these months prior to Mars retrograde. During the retrograde period, use the progress you have made to review and tweak you plans. 

Happy New Year everyone! Great good fortune to all in 2014!
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