Deb McBride

December, 2013

This photo is a diagram of the 8 year cycle of Venus. Between the retrogrades and direct motion, Venus forms a five petaled flower. As of December 21, Venus will appear to be traveling backwards from our vantage point on the earth. The operative word is “appear” because we know that planets don’t travel backwards. This will continue until January 31, when Venus will again go into direct motion. The last time this happened was approximately 18 months ago in June of 2012. And that’s about right for Venus, 18 month periods of direct motion, then retrograde for 5-6 weeks, then direct again. 

I’m expecting that this one will be a doozy. I’m already seeing the omens of a messy retrograde. Venus is in Capricorn and that is where the retrograde will be, it won’t be sliding into any other sign for a moment. We know that Capricorn rules the banks, stock markets, commerce and high finance. Venus does rule the relationships in our lives in addition to love, beauty, aesthetic, the arts – and money. In the last week, I have seen numerous indications that the goddess is already out to lunch. Four different times, money did not get to where it was supposed to go and it took numerous attempts to get it there. Remember Pluto is in Capricorn and Venus passed Pluto a few weeks ago and Venus also connected with Uranus in Aries at the same time. When Venus turns direct, it will tangle with Uranus and Pluto again but this will be a different picture. That’s because Venus will be stopped and not moving and sitting a degree away from Pluto together in Capricorn, squaring Uranus and opposing Jupiter, which will have moved right back into that T-square as it did in the summer. This is a phenomenal experience and Venus’s presence within this planetary picture will most likely turn out OK, due to its connection to Jupiter. But don’t overindulge!! At the end of January to early February there may be a real desire to spend a lot of cash on something unnecessary, so think twice before you do it. 

I think this is a time when we need to be extra cautious about our financial state. If you already see some wobbly financial situation in your life, you should seek to secure it in these next several weeks. Venus retrograde is a perfect time to go back and review our financial picture with the intention of improving it. Venus’s relationship to Uranus and Pluto will call up and reveal to us any discordant vibes in our relationships. Think of what happened back around November 15 and you should have a clue as to what may be presented to you at the end of January. Something about your evolutionary journey – the one that’s being governed by Uranus and Pluto – should have something to do with it. Another step forward, another milestone. It’s really an important time. 

Typically I tell people a list of cautions during Venus retrograde:
Don’t start any new relationships – one or both of you will be working out a prior love relationship during that time. 
Don’t start any new investments – it’s not a financially secure time.
Try not to accept a new job during Venus retrograde – it may be tough to get the salary you want. Absolutely no facial reconstruction, plastic surgery, new procedures to be more beautiful and attractive – you get my drift. NO!  

This one also comes with financial cautions as I started to discuss above. Be careful with all of your financial dealings. Make sure your credit card payments arrive where they’re supposed to. Careful with your wallet and belongings while holiday shopping. During the week I had some conversations with a very large bank in reference to my very small account. When I called them I needed to go through a security identification procedure. Pretty typical until they told me they were going to list some people and I should tell him whether I have known them or not in my life. Hmmm. Turns out I didn’t know any of them. But then I told the person on the other end of the line that the procedure was just “not cool.” I told them they should have no knowledge of who is in my life. They apologized, but of course it was of no consequence to them. And there is the relationship to Pluto in Capricorn and our personal freedoms. Venus may be very revealing this winter.
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