Deb McBride

November, 2013

Scorpio eclipse

November 2, 2013

So, here we are, at the next eclipse on November 3rd. This is the more powerful of the two that are occurring this season. That is because it’s closer to the node of the Moon and because it’s a New Moon in Scorpio with Saturn. It’s almost certain that you are feeling this by now, Saturn doesn’t waste any time. I am often asked why life feels so intense at this moment. And inevitably, the eclipses are the answer. 

I must admit, they are not my favorite aspects in astrology. They bring forward a lot of heavy and intense emotions, they can cause people to over react to circumstances. They bring endings in lives and often these endings seem to come from out of the blue. Once they get together with a distant planet, such as Saturn, eclipses bring long lasting effects. Whatever is on the table in your life at the time of an eclipse seems to grow exponentially as the eclipse nears. If you were born around the time of an eclipse, you will definitely be sensitive to them. 
The eclipse we are having now will especially affect the fixed signs – Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius. If you have these energies in your chart, you will definitely feel the intensity of this aspect. It will most likely challenge you in whatever area of your chart it affects. And Saturn’s presence will make that certain. A message will be driven home and a commitment will be necessary, because that is the nature of Saturn – we don’t get off the hook so easily. We often feel as if we are on the move, going relentlessly without a break.
Meanwhile, the Uranus and Pluto square is happening right now. It became exact early Friday morning as we become aware of the next level of our evolutionary journey. We can begin to see where our life is headed, how it is changing and where we are moving forward and away from the past. This aspect will continue for another few years, we are truly in the middle of it now. Next spring will be a time of deep connection to these two planets and we should hopefully come to a greater understanding of the meaning of this evolution in our lives. There will be a strong push forward at that time from a connection to Mars. 
And on Tuesday Nov 5, Venus will enter Capricorn where it will stay for several months due to its retrograde cycle. Notice the theme in your life that emerges this week, it will play out for the rest of 2013 and into 2014. The retrograde will begin on Dec 21 and finish on Jan 31. It’s not a time to meet someone new and start a new relationship. It’s better for talking through the one you currently have. If you aren’t in one, then it could be about finances, friendships or resolving anything that may be a barrier to having a relationship. This is absolutely the worst time to get any sort of serious beauty treatment done – such as reconstruction, plastic surgery or microdermabrasion treatments of the face. It wouldn’t turn out well! 
Mercury continues to be retrograde in Scorpio until Nov 11. If you had a profound and meaningful conversation with someone in the last three weeks, you may feel a continuation of that experience between now and the end of November. During its long passage in Scorpio, Mercury would have visited Saturn three times, bringing up an important revelation and serious thought about a particular matter. 
Lastly, here in NYC, we have an election for Mayor on Tuesday, Nov 5. It’s happening right along with these major aspects, so whoever wins will have a quite an intense term in office. This will be the first new Mayor in 12 years. Mercury retrograde during the election – some truths will come out about how the public is feeling. Both candidates are ruled by Venus, one is a Libra, one a Taurus. Venus entering its sign of retrograde on the day of the election should bring some financial issues to be resolved to the new Mayor’s position. He will be sworn in during the Venus retrograde on Jan 1, 2014. It will also raise some questions as to whether the people will actually like him for this next term. Any way you look at this – it won’t be dull! 

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