Deb McBride

August, 2013

The return of the goddess

August 24, 2013

Venus is finally in Libra, at home in its own sign. It rules the heavens now for a few weeks, for sure. This weekend and a few days after, Venus will fill in the empty space of the T-square formed by Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. So, we will have a full-on Grand Cross in Cardinal signs. Very powerful, but very intensely emotional and possibly volatile. If you live with any of these configurations in your chart – Venus with Uranus or Pluto or Jupiter, or all three – you will feel this and it will inform you about the nature of your relationships. The goddess may be stressed, but she is alive and kicking! 

But Venus is the first planet that has stayed in an air sign for a while since mid July. This is significant, because as we experience the continuing six pointed star, which is earth and water, there have been no air planets in the sky. The exception is of course, the Moon occasionally goes into an air sign every 10 days or so. 

In every day life, this feels strange. Usually we do not go through such a long period without one of the elements. It becomes difficult to make decisions, think logically and rationally and weigh options. These are not times of deep analysis. These are times of learning to trust feelings and sensations. Without air in the sky it’s difficult to be analytical. For those of us who were born under an air sun sign this is a tough time for us. It’s as if we are flexing our usual muscles and not getting the same results. It feels like a foreign energy. It is also a difficult time for verbal expression. Somehow we can’t find the right words, or even just find the ones we need. 

This is also been a time of not knowing what to do, how to proceed. Such as making a decision, then going forward. Something so simple suddenly feels complicated. We may be isolated a little more often and left alone to discover our feelings. But these are good exercises. Perhaps the best thing to do now is quiet the mind and get a sense of one’s feelings about one’s life. It’s a good time to practice not letting our brain work overtime, to trust our other senses and stretch our intuitive faculties. Even let intuition take over a bit.  

Meanwhile the six pointed star continues with Mercury and the Sun stepping into Virgo now and creating the powerful configuration all week. After this, Jupiter will start to move away and the arrangement will break up.  While I believe a rare planetary alignment like this is encouraging our transformation, I think this has been particularly difficult. Rebirth is never easy and this is no exception. If you step out of your life this week and do something healing or soul elevating, it’s a good use of this energy. This is so meaningful, but again, I think it has been a rough summer. I have not heard boundless joy from people, this is not a free and frivolous time. I am watching people’s lives change in a profound way. I am seeing an evolution that some have been waiting on for a long time – a career change, an opportunity to study, a breakthrough in one’s life in some way. But it is like a flower struggling to push up through the earth. 

Watch what happens in your life this week, take note and look back at it in a few months. What did you achieve? What changed? Hopefully it will take you to another level of this evolutionary journey we are all experiencing through the outer planets. 

Patterns in the Sky

August 6, 2013

This is a pretty exciting time, astrologically. An unusual pattern is forming in the sky that is affecting all of us. Last I spoke of the Grand Water Trine between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. The fact that Neptune is involved in this arrangement is rare because the planet moves so slowly and hasn’t been involved in such a configuration since the mid-1960’s. Neptune always brings in the element of the divine, so this is a time to look for that element in your life, the place where you go to find spirit. But this week, the pattern has become more complicated as there is also a Grand Earth Trine. Venus is in Virgo, Pluto is in Capricorn, as we know, and the South Node is in Taurus. Together they make a triangle, but they also create a larger pattern with the other Grand Trine, called a Grand Sextile. There are 6 planets in this configuration which are in a harmonious relationship. A Grand Sextile looks like a 6-pointed star, otherwise known as the Star of David. Here I have presented the image, where I have drawn in the pattern.

Then these same planets that are talking to one another in this arrangement are also speaking differently amongst each other within another arrangement. This is called a Mystic Rectangle. The Mystic Rectangle involves planets in opposition criss crossing each other, which then creates a rectangular box with other planets. This is an aspect of transformation. It is happening now to help each of us bring forward the new life we are creating. Again, the image with the pattern drawing.

Since these are unique and unusual planetary relationships, this is now an intense and highly creative time for everyone. There are many choices available to us now as we attempt to manifest something new. The planets are rarely having such lively conversations with each other. The more discussion between the heavenly bodies, the more we feel the pull in various directions in our lives. We may feel that we can’t make decisions or each path feels equally as important. It’s a divided time. Also, with a preponderance of earth and water – there is not a lot of air in the sky right now. That doesn’t bode well for analyzing the situation and coming up with an answer. It means everything we decide is based upon feeling and not rationale. For people born under air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) this seems foreign. Every few days the Moon changes sign and when it enters an air sign it gives those signs some clarity. Otherwise, if you are an air sign or have a multitude of planets in air, you may solve your questions by tuning in and listening to the answers your spirit has for you. This is especially helpful if you are feeling divided. Drop into your heart and allow the answer to reveal itself to you. 

The Sun and Moon are in optimistic Leo, as there is a New Moon in Leo on a point that affects the collective. The passion and desire to take action are all there. It’s just about getting ourselves on track before we take any action. Jupiter, happily in Cancer, is opposing Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus for the next few weeks and it helps us recognize our gifts and how to use them. 

I do feel that the energy is heavy these days. Many of us feel exhausted and it’s hard to process this much energy. While I don’t think these transits are necessarily bad, I do think they bring endings and new beginnings. It’s part of this lengthy evolutionary journey we ‘re all on, having started with Uranus and Pluto. The dance of those two planets within these patterns this summer are highly unpredictable and we often need to just be patient and work with whatever energy is available to us one piece at a time. These patterns will not continue for more than a month. By September, these patterns will have broken up and we will all be in a different place. 

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