Deb McBride

July, 2013

Well, I attempted to write this blog on Wednesday night. But I went to my blog page online and discovered that I couldn’t see it. I could see my site all right, but not the blog page, which is actually a different URL. Uranus had stationed to turn retrograde earlier on Wednesday, naturally I expected technical difficulties. So, of course, in typical 21st century style – the phone calls started. First to the hosting company, who could see the blog page, told me to contact my internet service provider. When I did the next morning, I learned there was an outtage in the neighborhood. More technical difficulties. I waited, later that evening the outtage was solved, but still no blog. I called them, they too could see the blog, but performed a traceroute which told us that the server was bouncing it along, but my blog was dropping off somewhere in Phoenix. Back to hosting people, who had me call the server people in Phoenix. I was bouncing along the server system just like my blog page, from one provider to another. I knew it was not only Uranus stationing, but Mercury was getting ready to station direct – in square to Uranus. It was high tech/low tech for sure.  I continued to bounce from the Phoenix server back to my ISP in NYC. they spent enough time with me trying to figure out why I wound up in someone else’s system where my blog did not belong. Eventually we found the problem….. my router in the next room. 

This is typical when these two planets are connecting in the sky. Mercury was getting ready to turn direct and got entangled with Uranus going retro. Two planets passing in different directions like ships in the night. It was a bizarre few days. But Mercury has turned direct now as of this afternoon and we can use this forward motion to our advantage. Mercury is linking to Uranus and Pluto, which can give us new information about the evolutionary journey we are on with these two outer planets. 

Meanwhile Mars is now moving into conjunction with Jupiter which is a real push forward on said journey. If things have been moving too slowly in your life, this will give you a jump start. 
Mars and Jupiter together bring the confidence needed to transcend your life to the next level. This brings another planet into the grand water trine and since Mars is such a fiery influence, it doesn’t allow us to get complacent while we enjoy this new, flowing energy.  Mars will provoke Uranus and Pluto in the coming weeks, so if you get hot under the collar, just try to keep patient and go with the flow. 

The Sun enters Leo this week, its favorite sign. The heavens will be ruled by the Sun for the next month, bringing an extra boost of creativity and optimism to the picture!

The Jupiter connection

July 10, 2013

First, I wish to apologize for taking so long to write. It’s been an intensely busy few weeks. We are in a highly unusual time, astrologically.

As has been discussed here, Saturn has been in Scorpio since last October, 2012. It’s not Saturn’s favorite place in the zodiac, it’s usually a bumpy emotional ride of two and a half years. It forces us to look at our most deepest darkest passions. After having been retrograde since February, it is finally going direct now. It has been a long process of introspection in these months, but now we can move forward to commit or re-commit to our passion in our lives. And what is that passion? Have we figured it out in these months? Did we already know or is it something new?

While Saturn is in Scorpio, we also recall that Neptune is in Pisces, its home. Neptune, planet of dreams, wishes, healing, spirituality. Of course, there is a smooth astrological relationship between water signs. Neptune will connect with Saturn, making our visions of what we want seem attainable. 

But now the greater benefic, Jupiter, has entered Cancer. Jupiter likes being in Cancer, where it is exalted, it expresses itself very well in that sign. This is good news for all of us. Jupiter in this placement for a year will support our endeavors. More importantly, Jupiter is connecting with Neptune and Saturn in a supportive way. We call the relationship they are having a Grand Trine. The three planets are all in water signs, all connected by a 120 degree angle, which is a smooth and flowing relationship. It’s like the three Graces together, inseparable sisters in harmony. They were the daughters of Zeus, aka Jupiter. This should help us get what we need accomplished. It’s a time of expansion with good support in your life.

Meanwhile, Jupiter will also connect with Uranus and Pluto, the two outer planets that are having an intense, evolutionary relationship. Jupiter will oppose Pluto and square Uranus, creating big push in the transformation that each of us has been experiencing since last June. This is a big deal, it may feel like we are going into overdrive. So, the thing to remember is to not get overwhelmed. Allow this accelerated version of evolution to happen. Stay focused on your goal. 

This is a phenomenal time – Jupiter is connecting the Uranus/Pluto to Saturn and Neptune. Jupiter is the lynch pin here, connecting half the planets in the solar system.This will last for the next three months – for now, but Jupiter will turn around in November and swing back and touch these planets again in February 2014. Use this energy to your best advantage and get excited – this can be life changing!

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