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April, 2013

It's the lunar eclipse!

April 25, 2013

Today is the day, we start a new eclipse cycle with the Sun in Taurus opposite the Moon in Scorpio, a Full Moon. As I have mentioned previously, this is a highly emotional eclipse. It’s one where you may feel vulnerable and it could give way to a flood of feelings that are difficult to control.  

Mars is in Taurus and Saturn is in Scorpio and these two planets will add a different flavor to this eclipse. If you know your chart and you have Mars and Saturn in a challenging relationship, then this is particularly sensitive for you. Mars wants to assert and Saturn wants to control any assertive action by Mars. They are not in a comfortable relationship and since they are deeply connected to this eclipse, we may experience a visceral, intense heat that is bubbling under the surface. It’s needing to remain tame when you don’t want to. It’s collecting the ball of fire in your gut and turning it into something useful or productive. 
Use this energy wisely. Channel these emotions into something valuable. And look back at where you have been before – 19 years ago was the last time we experienced this particular eclipse. Where were you then? Do you recall what was happening in your life? Note the similarities and differences. And if you feel you’ve come a long way, then congratulate yourself. 
The next eclipse will also be in Taurus, and will be a solar eclipse, a New Moon on May 10. Events connected to this first eclipse often bear fruit at the next one.

The '60's are back

April 19, 2013

Yes, folks the ’60’s are back. No, not the swinging London mod ’60’s. Not the groovy trippy Haight Ashbury LSD ’60’s. And certainly not the Summer of Love, either. The Uranus and Pluto ’60’s are back. The upheaval-and-violence-in-the-streets, unruly ’60’s are back. 

We have been talking about this challenging relationship on this blog for a while now. Revolutionary Uranus in Aries represents the individuals and their desire to see change in their world. Pluto in Capricorn represents those in power and their desire to maintain the status quo, despite the wishes of the individuals. We have been seeing this theme in the U.S. in a very dramatic way, over and over again. 
I was watching Mad Men in the last few weeks and for those who are not familiar, the show takes place in the 1960’s in NYC. The program is now at the point where it is early 1968 and so historically speaking, it is the escalation of the war in Vietnam. One character was reading an article that appeared in The New York Times on January 1, 1968 with a caption “World Bids Adieu to Violent Year.” Anyone watching who knew a fair amount of history would realize that the world hadn’t seen anything yet, considering 1968 was on the horizon. At that time, Uranus and Pluto were in the throes of their conjunction in Virgo and the world we lived in was swirling with change faster than our brains could process it. Unfortunately, violence was the darker part of that planetary relationship, despite the creative forces that emerged in that decade.
This is happening again, while the two planets are not having the exact relationship they had back then, they are definitely in a major tussle right now. Each of us is caught in this struggle. That sense of anger and frustration we are all feeling is Uranus in Aries. Knowing that life needs to change, but grappling with figuring out a solution. Trying to remain optimistic in the face of a world and a life that is unfair. Back in the 1960’s, the baby boomers were coming of age, desiring a life that was different than what their parents had. I believe that was the force of optimism in the world at that time, though it could be disruptive. I really hope that we can move through this period of intense transformation and find the optimism in our world.
Uranus and Pluto will make another exact aspect on May 21st. As the planets move closer to one another in the next few weeks, there will be other aspects that will occur that deepen the experience of the two outer planets. This week has been a challenge in the U.S. as the Sun and Mars met together in Aries. Over the next 6 weeks, we will experience three eclipses. The first is next Thursday, April 25th. This first one is lunar, with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, with Saturn. That will undoubtedly be a profoundly emotional week, especially if your chart has a fixed signature. Remember, that when there is an eclipse, the light goes away for a while and that shows up in our personal experience of those days. 
This is a particularly trying time for all of us. There will be factors that keep showing up, pushing us to evolve, to move forward, to create something new for our lives. Or perhaps to leave something behind. The challenge for each person now is to allow this evolution to occur and not resist it, despite how difficult it feels. The only way to move is forward. 

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