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March, 2013

Taking a leap

March 21, 2013

Thank heavens that Mercury is direct! It finished its retrograde on Sunday afternoon here on the East Coast. It takes a day or so for it to station and start moving forward. My goodness, I have never experienced a worse retrograde in recent memory. This was hell. Misunderstandings, mistaken identities, name mix-ups, tax extensions that were not supposed to happen. Missing reports, confusion about the missing reports, people believing that these reports were never provided before, everything getting reversed. People coming back from the past. Broken printers. Every detail that could have been messed up – was messed up. Right down to the ridiculous – the almond butter purchased prior to retrograde was labeled “creamy” but when the jar was opened it was crunchy. No stone was left unturned.

But typical for Mercury – the truth comes out during the retrograde. Puzzles get unraveled, answers come from seemingly no where. So, during this time it’s always good to do some soul searching. Afterwards, once Mercury is direct, the movement can happen.

And happening it is! This week is a turning point. Mars, as we know is in Aries, and it is now approaching the hot point of meeting with Uranus in Aries, which it will do on Friday. This is the first aspect that starts several days of major planetary activity. By Tuesday, Mars will reach a square to Pluto and the transformation will reach a pinnacle. The Sun is now in Aries as well (happy Vernal Equinox!) and will join Mars in triggering this momentum.

This is one of the moments we have been waiting for in this process of evolution. Uranus and Pluto will continue to dance together for the next three years. When triggered by volatile planets such as Mars, it pushes us further on our journey. We are all in the midst of a major transition, to something we have been dreaming of or planning for years. These next few days are the time to take a leap forward in our plans. This may come in the form of a risk or an opportunity. It’s a hot time, as I said and we could feel restless and irritated. Use this energy to be creative, channel it productively. Try not to lose your temper, but keep moving. 

A few weeks ago, one of my friends was struggling with work, or the lack thereof. She was searching for free-lance positions and feeling confused as to why none of them were working out. She is clearly talented and skilled, has an impressive portfolio, but nothing was coming to fruition. One night I took a look at her chart and saw a configuration of the North and South node of the Moon that gave me an idea. I told her “Stop looking for work. Just work on your own creative projects that you want to develop.” 

That’s some weird advice to give someone who needs to earn a living. But it was an idea and it was Mercury retrograde, so all bets were off. So, with that advice and the further support of a colleague, she took a leap and put her efforts towards her projects, focusing on where the abundance was instead of the lack. And now she’s awash with interviews and new work. Her personal projects continue to evolve.  

This is how we need to think right now. See where the risks are, follow our gut instincts and our dreams. The next few days are about moving forward and taking the leap. It won’t be dull!



March 12, 2013

After yesterday’s New Moon in Pisces, which gave us yet another planet in the water signs, we are finally moving forward into the fire element of the zodiac. This morning both Mars and the Moon entered the sign of Aries. This is a major event as the planetary energies are no longer focused on Neptune, but have shifted to Mars. For many weeks, we have experienced heightened emotions, drama and much sensitivity. We had to swim through each day, wishing we could crawl into bed where we could finish that very strange dream we’d been having. Sometimes we felt very blessed, other times we couldn’t be bothered to make the bed.  

Now our zest for life is returning. We should all start to feel somewhat better as we get back on track. It’s almost as if we don’t know where we’ve been all these weeks and what on earth were we waiting for? Now we can take action and feel like we have a purpose to our day. 

The heavens still have a lot of water energy hanging around. However, our handling of this energy is different than it has been in these last weeks. Is there somewhere in your life where you have kept peace, despite being unhappy? Or you went along with what someone else wanted when it wasn’t fulfilling your needs? Was there a situation where you did not assert yourself? If any of these scenarios feel familiar, you may sense the need to finally speak up and get your needs met. This is the “No more Mr. Nice Guy” planetary arrangement. You wake up in the morning, open your computer and an email comes in that gets you annoyed. So you handle it. Or the information you needed to complete your tax return still hasn’t arrived, though you’ve been asking for it since last week. You make a stern phone call. 

Last week you were patient. This week you aren’t. What happened? Mars went into Aries. The fire is burning. You may have walked on eggshells around a potentially volatile situation last week. Now, you don’t care. If you have to speak very loudly to make your point, then do it. This is not to say one should bully people who don’t deserve it. This is about asserting oneself instead of always making a sacrifice. We find courage where we didn’t have it a week or two ago. We speak our mind instead of shirking away from confrontation. The lethargy is over. 

Other planets in the heavens are being awakened by this shift in energy as well. Saturn and the North Node of the Moon are in Scorpio, whose traditional ruler is Mars. Where you have Scorpio in your chart is also being lit up now in addition to the Aries house. Your boundaries will be stronger under this new energy. 

Now is the time to get up and move, so ignite something new and enjoy it!

More thoughts on water

March 4, 2013

In these last few weeks, Neptune has been ruling the heavens. It is the ruler of the sign of Pisces where much of our solar system is focused now. This is creating an emotionally muddy time. Nothing is simple, the boundaries are not clear and energies continue to ebb and flow like the tide. Often, we don’t know what emotional rises and falls we will encounter in one day.

A week ago we had a Full Moon, where the Moon was in Virgo. Between that lunation and all the planets clustered together in the opposing sign of Pisces, plus the Mercury retrograde thrown in, it has been a truly emotional time.  It has been difficult to navigate past our feelings and have some realistic sense about our lives. We have had to go with the flow, follow the watery path, without going over the waterfall. To manage this requires some clarity and our survival instincts to kick in.

That’s where Saturn and Pluto are needed. As mentioned in past blogs, they are living in each other’s signs. And while they are not in rulership of most of the planets right now, they are working together to get us to the other side of this waterfall without being taken down. They are tough, but they are there to help us hold our ground and evolve. Last week was rough, but necessary. There was an epiphany for everyone, we got clear about where we wanted our lives to go. We made changes, we pushed forward, we survived! After pushing through this madness, we get to clear away the emotional debris and move ahead. 

And moving ahead means moving out of the water. Moving into fire, when Mars enters Aries and then Mars will rule the heavens as of March 12. When we move from water to fire, that’s a big shift from emotions to action. More on that to come!

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