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January, 2013

Queasy Venus

January 17, 2013

Feeling queasy and unsettled? Are you awakening with anxiety in the morning? It is so very hard to distinguish if this is the flu or it is just Venus and Pluto dancing with Uranus. Because either way, the room is spinning. It’s that time when Venus joins Pluto on a journey into the underworld. 

Venus is in Capricorn and it is in a strong connection with Pluto and Uranus. This week will be the conjunction of Venus to Pluto, meaning all sorts of interesting situations in relationships. These can be a turning point in personal affairs and they can go in any direction: endings, new passions, obsessions, reconnections, strong memories. Pluto always indicates our journey into the underworld and the willingness to confront out own darkness. When Venus touches Pluto our focus turns towards our relationships, past and present and how they have affected us.

If you have this configuration in your chart you are going to feel this more strongly than those who do not. If you aren’t used to this vibe then it can manifest in a variety of ways. It could make you feel unusually sexy, flirtatious, jealous. If you do have this configuration in your chart, it can bring back memories that could come in waves of nausea. It doesn’t mean that those events are happening again or are going to happen again in your current relationships, but it does mean that you should take notice of how you are feeling. 

Venus Pluto people are predisposed to have feelings of betrayal, abandonment or despair and loss. Fear that they will be hurt again. The sense that the other shoe is about to drop. The best remedy is to acknowledge these feelings and stay with them. Don’t push them away, they will surface in your life anyway. Be there for yourself and be nurturing towards yourself. During this time, Venus – Pluto can be a very obvious appearance of an event or it can be as simple as a vivid dream. It often brings a profound sense of emotion that is unshakable until the aspect passes.

Uranus with Venus is an entirely different energy. In this case, Venus is making a square aspect to Uranus in Aries. Uranus is an abrupt change. It is a desire to change for the sake of change, a restless energy. The need to be independent within a relationship as opposed to Pluto’s energy being obsessive and needing closeness. The queasiness continues with Uranus, because sometimes when Uranus joins Venus, we suddenly feel stifled in our relationships. The urge is to run, thoughts go through our heads that encourage imploding our love life when it isn’t necessary.  Or we project this behavior on to a partner. This too shall pass. And the same rule applies – if you have this aspect in your natal chart, you will feel it more strongly than those who don’t carry this. 

Those of us born in the 1960’s are more likely to have a reaction to these aspects than most people, as Uranus and Pluto are together in the charts of the 1960’s generation. A person born during a Venus transit to those planets back then would result in a chart resonating with these aspects. 

Pay attention to how you are feeling this week and see what comes up for you emotionally. This will go a long way to help you identify what these planets represent for you. And again, be nurturing to yourself.

New Year Tea and Astrology

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2013 is a fulfilling and successful year for all!

If you have never had an astrology reading, but you are very curious about astrology and what a reading might be like, then I have an event for you. I am hosting an event in conjunction with a group called Sidetour. I will be discussing astrology in a private setting with a group of 6 people. We will cover a brief history of astrology, discuss the practice of astrology and each person who attends will hear a little bit about their own chart, if they wish.

The information and registry for the event is here:

Maybe you know a friend who has always been interested but can’t take the leap? This is a perfect event for them. And I will be serving tea!! So check it out and feel free to share it with your loved ones.
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