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November, 2012

Eclipse week

November 11, 2012

Well that election wasn’t so bad after all! The long hours of counting were at a congressional level and Florida took its time as usual. The interesting thing is that while Mercury was still aspecting Neptune, there were many non-believers in the outcome. So, for some people there was still a lot of denial and disbelief. An interesting way for that Mercury stationing retro square Neptune station direct to manifest. A disbelief or denial of the truth.

But I wasn’t entirely wrong – I mentioned that George Washington could come back and he DID! On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He appeared in hologram form and had a conversation with Jon.—election-night-2012–this-ends-now—hologram-george-washington?xrs=share_copy
How appropriate when the United States is approaching the return of its Pluto for the first time since the Revolutionary War. 
Meanwhile, this week is the eclipse in Scorpio with Saturn. Eclipses are always an emotional time, this one coupled with Saturn really drives a message home. It is a struggle between the desire nature and the rational mind, Saturn representing the latter. While Neptune stations direct and we long for peace and understanding for the masses, an eclipse in Scorpio is a seething intensity in the area of our life that it touches. We may feel angry this week, conflicted between angst and that longing for peace, dissatisfied with everything around us, looking for a perfection that doesn’t exist. The tide turns in the world, in the face of leadership and the energy shifts in our culture once again. Each day feels slightly different than the day before, taking us slowly into a new view of our world. Notice what happens for you this week, how you feel and how it seems your life is changing, slowly, slowly. 

As I said in my last post, there is so much to say astrologically right now. So, here are more thoughts about this week ahead. 

We know Mercury is starting its retrograde on Tuesday, that will occur at 6PM ET. If you are voting, try to get out and vote earlier in the day because once Mercury stations and stops, there may be chaos in your voting area. Mercury is also what astrologers call “out of bounds” – which means that it is behaving in a manner that is uncharacteristic and also highly unpredictable. 

Mars is also out of bounds and that is highly emotional. If the election results are contested, people will be fervent about it. Remember conversations back in 2000? This activity of Mars makes us all spoiling for a fight or really weepy. Allow yourself the expression, but try to keep your cool with others. Some of us are actually just digesting the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and we have yet to overcome the stress or release our true feelings about the loss and experience of last week. 

Then there’s Neptune. Neptune rules Pisces, it is in its sign for the first and only time in our lifetime. Neptune rules the ocean, the psychic realms, sleep, dreams, illusion, what we see or do not see, where our vision is cloudy, where we are confused and lacking direction. Neptune is stationing also, turning direct from the retrograde it has been experiencing for the last several months. It is entangled with the Mercury that is stationing retrograde. As if Mercury’s antics aren’t enough, it has a challenging relationship with the planet of confusion. Mercury and Neptune together indicate a variety of scenarios: unclear information about the results, fraudulent practices, votes that disappeared and are therefore unaccounted. No clear end in sight. This has nothing to do with who is running for office, though both candidate’s astrology plays into the mess. George Washington could return from the other side, run for office and this would still look like the mess that it is (that would be SOME Neptune aspect for sure!). 

This election has been very close these last few months and it could possibly result in a tie. And what would happen then? For your entertainment pleasure, here is a link to a video of Rachel Maddow explaining what that would mean. Watch it, it’s fun! Happy Voting!

Lecture Date Changed

November 4, 2012

Hello all!

Due to the ongoing crisis from Hurricane Sandy in New York, we decided to change the date of my astrology lecture from tomorrow night to November 19th. It will be held at 8:30-10:00 pm at Maha Padma Yoga Temple (formerly Bija Yoga) located at 20 East 17th Street, 2nd Floor. Here is a link to the event:

We will be discussing the latest events in astrology including the eclipses in November, Mercury retrograde and Saturn newly in Scorpio. You can bring your chart to the event and if we have time, I can have a look. 

Hope to see you there!

My heart goes out to everyone who has been struggling through this disaster on the East Coast. It has been an incomprehensible devastation here in NY and in NJ and I send everyone love and light.

There is so much to say astrologically right now. First of all, in my last post, I spoke of the fact that we are now officially in the eclipse period. The Full Moon discussed was a contributor to the rising tides during the storm. As the weeks go by and the recovery continues, we will fully be in the eclipse period and the emotions of this crisis will be heightened. Even if all power is turned on and the subways are running, we won’t hear the end of this for a long while. 

And cities have astrological charts, too. The consolidation of New York City as the five boroughs was January 1, 1898 at midnight. The means NYC is a Capricorn city, with its Sun fairly early early in the sign. For several years, astrologers have known that Pluto in Capricorn is going to pass over the Sun of NYC. Pluto being the planet of transformation and resurrection, the planet of the underworld and the underground. Now we are getting an idea of what this Pluto transit means to NYC. Pluto is inching closer to the Sun of NYC and will reach that point within the next year. Many news reports this week featured government officials and political pundits discussing global warming, how we expected a crisis of this nature and how the City of NY must rebuild its infrastructure and that of the subway system. These are all Pluto words, especially the notion of having to rebuild what is underground. And right now, as I have been saying, where Pluto goes, Uranus goes, too. So, the NYC astrological chart is getting hit with two outer planets, no doubt there will be dramatic changes in how New Yorkers continue to live in the city.

We are now in the station of Mercury, which retrogrades on Tuesday, Election Day in the U.S. The true impact of Hurricane Sandy will only start to be revealed in the coming weeks as the truth is always uncovered during a Mercury retrograde. 

Mercury retrograde on Election Day – wow, that sounds like trouble! And it can be – remember the election of 2000, where the results were unavailable for months. It’s quite likely that again there will be confusion, recounts and no answers for weeks. The difference between then and now is that Mercury was stationing direct, meaning the retrograde was over. This time, the retrograde is just starting. This is going to be one interesting election, there will be some element that we did not consider that could get in the way. This will probably have something to do with the effects of the storm on voting, the confusion about new voting methods and of course, the recent reports on voter fraud. The eclipses on November 13 and November 27 will compound the issues as eclipses always bring current matters to a climax. 

November will not be a dull month. Stay tuned!
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