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October, 2012

La Luna

October 28, 2012

Well, once in a while we have to discuss the Moon. Instead of all that heavy duty outer planetary activity. This week we have a Full Moon which will occur on Monday, October 29. How exciting, a Full Moon at Halloween! It will still look full in the sky on Wednesday, so if you’re out and about it will feel like the epitome of all Halloween should be. 

This particular Full Moon will be in the sign of Taurus, as the Sun is, of course, in Scorpio. So, anytime the Moon is full at Halloween, you know the Moon is in Taurus. But since Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, the Sun will join Saturn and the Moon will oppose both planets. That means that people will feel that they are not getting their emotional needs met. They will feel that they are slighted, ignored, betrayed and besmirched. All of this can come in varying magnitudes. If you already have this Saturn-Moon in hard aspect in your astrological signature, you will feel it more strongly. Or in another instance, you could feel you are being ignored and that is not actually what is happening. It was just a misunderstanding.

On a more serious note, this could be a time of endings. Saturn often brings endings, completions or resolutions. A relationship could end or could be brought to closure. A long suffering project could be finished up.

This Full Moon is significant in another way. It is the last lunation before the eclipse period. This means that we are officially entering the second eclipse cycle of the year. Events will have an extra zing to them, emotions get electric, drama steps up a notch. Think back to May and June and what was going on back then, those issues may revisit you in these next weeks.

As I write this, it is a Void of Course Moon. This is when the Moon doesn’t speak to the other planets as it passes through a sign. It makes some aspects to the others, but then travels on its own until it reaches the end of the sign (in this case Aries), then enters a new sign. Upon entering a new sign, it is no longer void. This is a particularly long void – from 9:30 pm ET Saturday until the wee hours of Monday am. That means all day Sunday we should just relax, do basic chores and work, not start anything new. As I have mentioned in previous posts, nothing new begun on a void Moon takes root and becomes something fruitful. 

A void Moon on a Sunday is not a big deal. This is the best time for them to happen, when we are having our weekend. However, after a brief non-void time on Monday, the Moon voids again at 5 pm ET and remains void until Wednesday afternoon at 2:40 pm ET. This is almost unheard of – nearly two solid days of void Moon! Nothing during this time will go as planned. Follow my advice above and just plan new events for non-void days later in the week.

Stay tuned, the election is around the corner!

Deb's Astrology Lecture

October 24, 2012

Hello all!

I would like to announce my astrology lecture on Monday, November 5th at 

8:30-10:00 pm at Maha Padma Yoga Temple (formerly Bija Yoga) located at 20 East 17th Street, 2nd Floor. Here is a link to the event:

We will be discussing the latest events in astrology including the eclipses in November, Mercury retrograde and Saturn newly in Scorpio. You can bring your chart to the event and if we have time, I can have a look. 

Hope to see you there!

Saturn has arrived, life already feels different, doesn’t it? I wrote about this last month – Saturn leaving Libra and getting ready to enter the next sign. There is a lot to say and there will be a lot more to say as we move through these next three years. So, let’s have a look.

Saturn takes 28-29 years to travel through the Zodiac and come back to the point where it started its journey. That means 28-29 years ago, in 1984, was the last time Saturn visited Scorpio. You may have some very strong memories of those days and if you do, think about how they felt, what your life was like, who was in your life at that time. Then again, you may have been very young or not born yet. In those cases, talk to your family, your parents and find out what life was like back then. Chances are it was an intense and perhaps even a dark time. It may have been a period of endings, as Scorpio often brings closure to situations. 

Scorpio is the sign of intensity. When it has a life experience, it doesn’t want just a fleeting occurrence. It wants to be ensconced, entrenched, deeply involved. Life is no longer simple when we step into the realm of Scorpio. We are now dealing with the energies of Mars and Pluto. Everything has passion, mystery, meaning, significance, depth. For a Scorpio, it is important to feel something, anything, bad or good – as long as they are feeling. They would rather have an intense relationship of highs and lows rather than being bored. This applies to anyone with a personal planet in Scorpio as well – Moon, Mercury,Venus, Mars. Most importantly, Scorpio is a sign of transformation and we can experience the depth we seek with Scorpio by having the courage to embrace transformation on every level of our being. 

Saturn is the planet of discipline, hard work, duty, responsibility and adulthood. It is completions and endings. It is the hard work we do to earn the reward afterwards. When Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio, we do the work necessary for us to evolve and transcend our past. It is a perfect time to take up a mode of study, meditation, regression work, therapy. We will not be satisfied with the mundane during this three year period. We will want answers to our most heated questions about our lives. We are willing to enter the dark waters of the unknown to gain understanding. Journeys such as these require a certain level of privacy and internal work.  

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet of transformation. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn – achievement, reputation, success, responsibility. If you have been reading my posts, you may have read about Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, that’s right, Pluto is living in Saturn’s sign and Saturn is living in Pluto’s. It’s like they did a house exchange – temporarily trading apartments. They are each taking over the other’s domain. This means that they have a mutual relationship. As they travel through the next three years, their connection will rule the heavens. They are working together, but this is one tough pairing. It’s no accident that the next three years will have Saturn in Scorpio while Pluto dances with Uranus. This is a major cultural shift and learning curve for all of us. People will sharply say what they want, spare no feelings, be ruthless, inflexible and unforgiving. Others will exact revenge. Still others will tap into Neptune’s long stay in Pisces, also ruling the skies and they will be helpful, forgiving and seeking the divine. 

We will probably experience some of each of these energies and the best way to get through this is to stay in your heart and be true to yourself. As I have mentioned here before, the Uranus and Pluto square for the next three years requires each of us to make that major transition in our lives that we’ve all been working towards. The quantum leap that allows us to live our dream, live our purpose. We are watching some historical changes occur and with Saturn’s help in the next three years we can courageously go within and allow ourselves to leap.

A Busy Week in Astrology

October 3, 2012

This first week of October is full of an unusual amount of planetary activity. First we have Venus changing signs from Leo to Virgo. This means that the love planet enters an earth sign and becomes more practical in its views. Not so much partying. But more importantly, Venus will oppose Neptune which is settled in its own sign of Pisces. It gives the love planet a more compassionate outlook, it makes us all more sensitive, it gives the artist more inspiration and it can cloud our judgement when we choose an object of desire. It is an ethereal love experience, despite being in Virgo. You may meet someone who inspires you or you may meet someone who is an absolute mystery. If you love a good mystery, you may follow this story for a few days until Venus passes Neptune and the cloud lifts. Reality settles in and we’re back to being practical.

Mercury leaves Libra for the sign of Scorpio. It gives us the desire to delve into a good book, some deep thinking or a new course of study that can be revelatory. Jupiter turns retrograde for the next four months in the sign of Gemini. It’s a great time to go within and communicate with yourself about beliefs, abundance, prosperity and what you feel you deserve. Since it’s retrograde in the sign of the spoken or written word, it may be a good idea to write down your thoughts about these matters. And if you buy a new smartphone during this time, it may not be the super-duper life altering gadget you were expecting. 
Mars will move ahead into the sign of Sagittarius, leaving one of its home signs of Scorpio. While in Sadge, Mars will spring into action, give us more energy and put a fire under us to accomplish what we need to do for the next six weeks. It will also inspire us to take risks, speak our mind very strongly and perhaps start a new exercise protocol. 
With so much energy shifting this week, by Sunday we should all be feeling rather differently. Watch how you are feeling this week and note what changes occur, especially if you have a change of heart about anything important. 
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