Deb McBride

September, 2012

How are you doing this week after the major planetary activity of last week? It was an unusually emotional week where many people reached a turning point in their life and relationships. For some, these were gut wrenching days of letting go or remembering the past. The station of Pluto is always a recognition of the last six months as we are now moving forward with our plans as the planet moves forward on its journey. Coupled with the square to Uranus, Pluto’s stopping and saying goodbye to the summer brought profound emotions to light. Any time an outer planet moves forward after months of retrograde, we move out of the darkness and clear away any impediments to progress in our lives.

The autumn equinox has occurred and therefore the Sun has entered the sign of Libra. Since the aforementioned Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is in Aries, the Sun in Libra is in a direct relationship to these two planets. This means that the intensity will continue and the Sun triggers another emotional week ahead. While it won’t have the magnitude of last week, it could potentially shed some light on the evolutionary story that we are all living right now. Furthermore, there is a Full Moon on Saturday the 29th of September and with both the Sun and Moon in direct relationship with the outer planets for the weekend, we can expect those two days to be an emotional challenge.
Remember, this story we are all currently living is to take us into a new phase of our lives. We will visit and revisit emotions, memories, feelings that have been a major part of our lives for many years. Anyone born in the mid to late 1960’s will feel this profoundly, as this relationship between Uranus and Pluto mimics the relationship they had back then. And people born back then will carry this vibe and resonate to these energies. For that generation, it may feel that they are being transported back to childhood and watching old memories pass before their eyes. It is not an easy time, but it is a moment to recognize what drives us and make a choice in our lives. If we want to change anything about our emotional life, this is the time to do it and release the past.
So in the next few days, watch the events in your life. Take note of how you feel and decide if you wish to continue feeling that way or you have found a way to react differently to stressful situations. See this as an opportunity to try on a new way of being.

When in doubt, blame Saturn

September 14, 2012

It seems that life is crawling along at a snail’s pace and energy has come to a halt. The plans you have made do not inspire you, your work doesn’t seem to be bearing fruit and every task seems like an uphill climb to nothing.

That’s when you know it’s Saturn!

Few astrological influences feel as this does. This can feel like out and out discouragement as not much is materializing. It is interesting that Saturn is the most material of the planets. It rules responsibility, commitment, structure and practicality. It’s the lessons here on earth, nothing lofty about Saturn. It is indicative of effort put forth to create an end result.

But when it seems as if there will be no end result or real accomplishment from all your efforts, you want to give up. You have kept true to your path and wonder what it has all been for? There’s not a sense of comfort or joy or even temporary relief.

What is happening now is a different phase of Saturn. It is Saturn at the end of a sign. Saturn is now ending its journey through Libra where it has spent the last 2 + years. It will leave the sign on October 5th and not return for 28 years. All the effort put forth by each of us in the last two years feels like it is coming to a crucial point. Saturn at the end of a sign is not a great expression of hope. It is, however, a time to have faith. After making a serious investment of time or energy in a project or a relationship, you will have an answer as to whether or not it is realistic to continue on your current path. So now, to get through these next few weeks, look at the last two years and see what you have accomplished. Are you happy with it? What else needs to happen? Try not to be discouraged, this is only phase one for some of us. It’s a drudgery that we need to get through in these few weeks and it will lift in October when Saturn leaves Libra.

Relationships are under great stress right now while Saturn is making this transition. Saturn has greater influence in Libra, which rules relationships, marriage and the agreements that we make in our one to one associations, whether they are personal or business. In the last two years, we have been tested in these matters and learned some dramatic lessons in our connections with others. Some of it has been tremendously heartbreaking. But now, as Saturn prepares to leave, we have to ask ourselves if the one to one situations we are in are fulfilling enough to continue our commitment. And if they are – that means we need to prepare for what’s next in the relationship. That’s Saturn in the sign of Scorpio for three years. It’s where we go from holding hands on the front porch swing to taking the relationship indoors, if you know what I mean.

More on that in October.

Here comes transit #2

September 8, 2012

Hello friends!

It’s time, once again for the union of Uranus and Pluto, the second passage since June. If you read my earlier post, you might recall that this is a phenomenon that will not occur very often in one’s life. However, we are in the midst of one of these profound times in astrological history.

Uranus will square (read: challenge) Pluto on September 19, once again thrusting us forth on a transformative journey that will alter our culture and change our lives. It’s not comfortable by any means. Uranus is the planet of sudden and dramatic changes while Pluto is about transformation, pulling the darkness out of the closet, to reveal all in the light. Everyone is touched by this, so think back to June, remember what was going on for you then and see that as part of Phase 1. This second tango of these two outer planets will continue your story.

These are volatile energies. They are not calm, they effect our nervous systems and many of us who are truly sensitive to the forces of nature will feel this more powerfully than our less sensitive neighbors. Observing the world now, I see so many people leaving the planet. We have lost many history making and talented artists and creative people in the last year. But what I find terribly disturbing is the everyday violence we have been seeing all summer. This is the darker component of this transit.

On a lighter note, this is a time of great creativity if you are so inclined. If you’ve been thinking about launching a new project or making great strides in yourlife, this is the time. The energy is there supporting a profound change.

So, on September 18th, Pluto will go direct from retrograde, which is when the planet emerges from its time in the underworld and moves forward on its journey. The next day it will connect with Uranus, creating some powerful revelations. Pay attention those days, as they will connect with Mercury and new information about your life will emerge.

Onward we go!

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