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November, 2011


November 19, 2011

If you scroll a ways down this blog, you’ll see a post I did a while back on the entry of Pluto into Capricorn. I invite you to re-read this post. It may be quite enlightening now and may make a lot of sense, as we are in the throes of Pluto’s transit through that earth sign. So, here we are, Pluto plowing its way through the earthbound Capricornian matters of corporations, real estate, banking and government. Revealing the darkness, bringing the ugly matters of the collective to the surface. Raising awareness of the corruption and awakening the masses. Love it or hate it, well, that’s always been Pluto’s job. Pluto is an outer planet, a waaaay far away outer planet. That means it takes hundreds of years to travel the zodiac. And if you have read that blog post below, you learned that we are now experiencing Pluto in the place it was for the birth of the U.S. And just as most astrologers expected, we are seeing the beginnings of another revolution. But of course, this is not just in the U.S. Pluto is in Capricorn for everyone on planet Earth. This coincides with the revolutions we are seeing in the Mid Eastern countries and the financial crisis in Europe. Seems like everyone has just about had it with government, corporations and the imbalance between poverty and extreme wealth. This is it, the revolt is finally happening. It took a long time – I wondered when the masses were going to join together, speak up and and do something. After all, for many years the minority of the population have been bending the rules to their own great advantage and everyone else seems to be sitting back and watching it happen. And few people said anything. What finally occurred to get the populace moving? First, let’s look at Pluto. Pluto’s energy is visceral. It gets in your gut, stirs up the juices and starts bubbling hot lava to the surface. You can almost feel it surging upwards through your body, first the esophagus, then the throat, then the eyes and finally the brain. It’s like far reaching acid reflux. But then something else seems to have triggered the release of this force. That would be Uranus. In the midst of Pluto’s travels through the earth sign, Uranus has caught up on the journey from its own travels through the sign of Aries. Then the volcano finally explodes. Enough! Time to take action. Uranus in Aries is an impulsive planet in a fiery sign with a lot of adrenaline. Uranus hasn’t been in Aries in 84 years. It is the individual declaring that he or she will no longer tolerate being disregarded, dismissed, abused, taken for granted or ignored. Uranus makes a challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is not a cozy association and these planets naturally have met one another before. Outer planets talking to one another powerfully affect the collective as well as the personal. Where we were once tolerant, we can no longer be. There is a profound need to act, to make a difference, to change the way society’s game is played and to change one’s own life. Although the parameters were different, we’ve seen this uprising in the memorable past. This uprising has its roots in two periods of American history. As I mentioned with Pluto in Capricorn, there was the original liberation from England. But more recently, the last time Pluto and Uranus got together in a challenging way was during the 1960’s. Oh, THAT uprising. Back then they were together in the sign of Virgo, another earth sign that represents the establishment. The cultural revolution that took place during the 1960’s was shockingly visible. Civil rights, birth control, LSD, Vietnam protests, assassinations of major political figures. Now we will witness a dramatic cultural shift of similar proportion.

This is only the beginning of the inevitable change. Uranus and Pluto have not come into exact contact yet. The initial hit will come in June of 2012. Between now and next June we will see the struggle heat up. Expect the media and the authorities to try to squash this insurgence. Poor souls, they don’t realize that you cannot silence Uranus and Pluto. It will just make them angrier. You can’t ignore them either, they will just get louder.

For any of you who think this is going away anytime soon, you can kiss that notion goodbye. This has been brewing for a long, long time. The protests will continue, the population will demand change. The two planets will be fighting until 2016. No one’s life will be exempt. We will be all forced to look forward and re-invent ourselves. This can be a very liberating time which gives people the freedom to inject new creative energy into their lives. Do not resist this life change. Do not stay in denial, it is happening to all of us, so it’s happening to you. Do not attempt to control anyone, they will rebel. Allow the metamorphosis to occur, follow the energy. There will be moments for everyone that feel desperate, painful and difficult. Go with it, work through it. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. There were, of course, people who went to work in suits every day and seemed unaffected by the ’60’s. But somewhere in their personal lives the culture shift crept up and snuck in while they were sleeping. When they awakened it was clear they couldn’t go back to the past, that door had been shut. The personal and collective structure so represented by Capricorn will be torn down and rebuilt during the 15 years Pluto will spend there. As we’ve already seen, the established order won’t go quietly. Uranus in Aries will create the opportunity for the people to take their power back. Uranus moves forward in Aries towards Pluto on December 10. We should start seeing the next level of transformation very soon. Stay tuned!

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