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October, 2011


October 24, 2011

Technically, the Sun went into Scorpio on Sunday. But this week there is a New Moon in Scorpio, which tells us that the Scorpio period really begins on Wednesday at the New Moon. This is usually indicative of an intense time, a time to begin any new inner work, soul searching, time to get deep with one’s life. It gets dark earlier, we are now going into the period of hibernation in the Northern Hemisphere. We may sleep longer, dream more deeply, study more intensely. We are looking for something to take us for a ride into the underworld for the next 30 days. That may come in the form of a person, a life situation or deep emotional healing work. This is the time of the year when we are not satisfied by the superficial. There is a longing for a deep connection with oneself or others.

We do need to be a little careful in our dealings this week, as many of the planets are in intense conversation with one another. In that longing to be satisfied by a deep experience, we may encounter some resistance. The inner planets are all in Scorpio, headed in one direction, on a roll. With the exception of Mars, the warrior, which is in Leo and at odds with the Scorpio planets. It’s a bit of a snag, but it’s not a disaster. It can make things uncomfortable and make us push when we shouldn’t. So, a word to the wise: use the reason of Saturn, before you take a potentially volatile situation to a place that it shouldn’t go. Saturn is in happy aspect to Mars these days, so use your intelligence before reacting.

A sorry case of Neptune

October 2, 2011

In the news this week, I found this obituary for Swami Bhaktipada to be very interesting.

I knew upon reading this obit that Neptune figured prominently in this man’s chart. And indeed his Sun and Neptune are together in Virgo. Initially he saw his chosen path as some means of salvation for his life. But instead of using this combination of planetary forces for self development, creativity and as a visionary, he chose the darker side of the energy.

This is a perfect example of Neptune at its worst. It began as a desire and longing to unite with the divine, to connect with a power greater than oneself. Only to deteriorate into debauchery, ego and far worse. It has all the classic components of a cautionary tale of Neptune – apparent spiritual devotion, a charismatic leader capable of mesmerizing groups of people, his illusion that he is invincible and then eventually imprisonment. This story is of mythical proportion, yet is a familiar one amongst a number of religious leaders. 

Plenty of people were born on the same day as Swami. And a greater number of people have a contact between their Sun sign and Neptune. They usually do not have this story.  But every day they must contend with an intangible element in their lives that sometimes feels completely enlightening or otherwise utterly confusing. Either way, these people must always seek out and face the truth about self to navigate the unruly waters of Neptune.

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