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May, 2009


May 26, 2009

On May 27, 2009 Jupiter and Neptune will join together in the sign of Aquarius. This is a rare and most positive conjoining of energies. Since Jupiter brings good fortune and luck, while Neptune is the planet of the visionary and artist, this could be a beneficial time for those who are in need of inspiration and a break from the mundane. If you have been working really hard and would like a vacation, this is a good time to take one. If you have a long term goal or project you’ve been focused on, it may bear fruit at this time. In need of a healing? This is the time to encourage it. Yes, a cornucopia of positive, life affirming experiences can truly happen under this influence. And since Jupiter and Neptune will be visiting with one another all year, these are all good uses of this astrological cycle.

However, this cosmic dance also brings an underlying sense of yearning and dis-satisfaction. It’s the hunger to transcend ordinary life, whether by spiritual experience or escape. One desires to lose the imperfect human self by merging with something much greater. That merging could either be a feeling of oneness with nature or a bottle of tequila. An unwise use of this aspect would be to overindulge in anything addictive or unhealthy, so if you feel your weaknesses getting the better of you, stay aware and use the energy constructively. This is not one long party. That was the 1920’s.

There are cautionary measures to take with this influence. Enter Chiron, the asteroid/comet that is the third wheel present in this cosmic dance. Jupiter getting together with Neptune can create a feeling of invincibility, but in this case, Chiron will be there to remind us that we are not. There can be a letdown at this time, so in the coming months, if an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is.

On May 16, Saturn will station direct as it has been retrograde since New Year’s Eve. Saturn is still in the sign of Virgo, which is a sign related to health and work. During the retrograde cycle, Saturn provided all of us with the opportunity to review and change these facets of our lives. Some possibilities could include being more realistic about our health, taking better care of ourselves, clearing out toxicity, undertaking a new healing or exercise program, finding a new well-being practitioner. While Saturn is in Virgo, it’s also very important to focus on work that truly fulfills us and make moves us towards realistic achievement. It may indicate an important change in career path or course, a time to build a new business or perhaps take a step back from current employment and re-evaluate all facets of the job.

Recall what you were doing those last two weeks of December, 2008. Of course you were probably preparing for and celebrating a holiday, perhaps with family or friends. But underlying those festivities there was a feeling of somberness as Saturn was stationing. It was a strange holiday season and you may have felt blue or experienced a void in your life. Something more profound was going on in the background – an area of life was shifting and changing. Those changes and decisions made then can now bear fruit. Perhaps a healing will occur now.

On a global or collective level, Saturn in Virgo is about employment/unemployment issues, tightening our belts and facing reality about society’s financial health. It’s time to call the fiscal doctor and sometimes the most effective medicine is a bitter tonic. Speaking of health, it’s time for a universal health care system and we would also benefit incorporating more natural and holistic methods of healing. These are all dear to Virgo’s heart and intestines!

Saturn will stay in Virgo until October 30, 2009 and then move into the sign of Libra. I’ll save the transit through Libra for another post. Between now and October 30, we all need to continue to re-assess our health, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Yes, it’s that time again. Mercury will start its retrograde cycle on Thursday May 7 in the early part of Gemini, then spend most of the period in Taurus. Time to re-think, renew, revisit – all those “re’s.” And since it’s in the earthy sign of Taurus, it will be everyone’s chance to re-evaluate their finances. That’s correct, despite the Dow’s recent upswing, financial life as we used to know it isn’t returning anytime soon. Pluto will be in Capricorn for a long time (more on that later).

So, use the next three weeks to look at those finances and do some homework, some cleaning up, re-assess your assets, pay off some bills, and iron out your money matters. You may have to pay out some money that you were not expecting.

This is not a prudent time to negotiate for a raise, wait until June for that. Clutter clearing in the home, office or studio is an excellent task right now. Give away any material items you don’t need or want anymore – clearing out your space makes room for new and fresher energies to come in.

No new work projects get off the ground now, it’s best to spend time finishing old projects, reviewing and working with plans that are already in process. As always, Mercury’s antics can cause glitches in communications, so be certain to re-read any fine print and important documents.

Mercury retrograde especially indicates a time to take a step back. Everyone needs a respite now and again and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Take a trip if you can, Mercury’s transit of Taurus encourages being surrounded by nature and beauty. Tend your garden, if you have one and get rid of those weeds!

Taurus is a “back to basics” sign, keep this in mind as you pass through this latest cycle. It’s good to contemplate your roots, return to what feels natural to you in your life. By the time Mercury is direct on May 30, you will have a fresh perspective and be ready to move forward.

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