Deb McBride

February, 2008


February 25, 2008

There never ceases to be a bevy of Mercury retrograde stories. This one is a classic from the most recent cycle.

An author was supposed to receive a contract for a new collaborative book from her literary agent. (Yes, the author was signing a contract during Mercury retrograde, more on that later.) The office of the literary agent was waiting for the messenger service on a Friday afternoon (Mercury is the winged messenger in mythology), but the service never arrived. Realizing that the contract needed to get to the author, the agent’s assistant went into the office on a Saturday to pick up the contract and take it directly to the author’s house. The assistant took a cab and with many bags in hand, got out of the cab at the destination, only to realize afterwards that the envelope with the contract was left behind in the taxi.

So, Monday was a new day, the contract was picked up by the messenger service and delivered from the agent’s office to the author without a hitch. The author signed it and sent it back. The above story was unbeknownst to the author. So, a week later when the author received a second set of identical contracts, it caused the author to wonder. Especially since it had arrived in the mail, not by messenger and with large, swirly handwriting on the envelope. The agent’s office was called and they explained the above story, which gave everyone a good laugh. But, funnier – some stranger actually took the time to fully address the envelope, apply postage and mail it. This restores one’s faith in humanity!

Now, about that author signing a contract during this cycle. One advantage was that the project was well underway before the contract was drawn. So, the collaborative team made their creative choices prior to Mercury retrograde. Whether the contract is changed during the process remains to be seen. We’ll see what happens on the next Mercury retrograde!

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