Deb McBride

August, 2007

There’s the old saying that when one makes several attempts at doing something three times, it’s usually “three times a charm” – meaning that the third attempt should work. Well, with Saturn involved, anything attempted should bear fruit after the third time – but it’s a long road to get there. This summer into autumn we will see three conjunctions of the planets Venus and Saturn – highly unusual. Venus can certainly be a charming energy. But before anything charmed happens, Saturn is going to make sure this period feels more like three times a worm. Yechh!

This is all happening because Venus is in the retrograde phase of its cycle – an astrological event that only occurs once every 18 months or so. This will be between July 27 through September 8, 2007. During Venus retrograde, we experience a period when it feels right to cut back on spending, rethink our finances, review our relationships, renew our vows and revisit with friends and loved ones from the past. This is not a time to start a brand new love relationship where you are trying to find “the one.” In this instance during 2007, due to the area of the zodiac where Venus is moving, it will meet up with Saturn on three different occasions: July 1 at 23 Leo, August 13 at 27 Leo and October 14 at 5 Virgo. If you have planets near these areas of the zodiac, or have a birthday around the dates of August 17-19 or August 27-29, you will most likely feel this transit very profoundly.

What exactly does feel like to have Venus and Saturn together? It feels like an absence of love, that people are not there for you when you need them, a sense of abandonment. Relationships often feel like hard work, perhaps more work than they are worth. Your vulnerabilities come forward, your feelings of inadequacy or insecurity in relationships is apparent. You may lose a friendship during this period. Or the truth about a relationship may be revealed – requiring more effort or a painful revelation that it is not going to work out.

Conversely, you may feel the chance for a mature and honest relationship with yourself or your loved ones. It is a period when the utmost integrity is necessary when dealing with others. This juncture could find you deliberating as to making a commitment such as buying property or getting married. It can also be the season when you work hard on a new financial plan and tighten your belt. It’s a great moment to clear the clutter of your home, your finances and your business. And what a wonderful opportunity it is to complete a long-standing creative project!

Whatever was happening in early July is the start of an important cycle – pay attention to events that are unfolding. As the months progress, the issues will become clear and you will know how to proceed. Once Venus finishes this cycle, you’ll feel that you have accomplished something important – and therein lies the charm.

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