Deb McBride

July, 2007


July 7, 2007

Saturn and Neptune have been in opposition for over a year now. Back and forth they have gone, in and out of aspect. They met for the last time on June 25th. Saturn is in loyalist Leo, Neptune is in socialist Aquarius. Globally and personally, this has lots of definitions and usually they involve a balance between Utopian ideals and reality as we know it.

Saturn will bring into clarity and focus the issues that have been up until now experiencing the Neptune blurry or confusion. The art of confusion is a survival mechanism that we all use, such as living in chaos. It’s also a way of avoiding responsibility. We use these methods to remain in denial and protect ourselves. We’ve all done it, remained blissfully unaware of the circumstances surrounding us, until they are bearing down on us – and harsh reality sets in. These two planets are inherently different, and when they get together, we have to wake up. It’s where we’re out of balance between responsibility and denial. Maybe we’re too responsible for someone or something in our lives. Maybe we’re the opposite, too lackadaisical, not responsible enough, not wishing to realize the seriousness of the issue. While Neptune can help us expand our consciousness, achieve enlightenment , become mystically aware and open up our sensitivity to everything little thing that’s going on around us, it doesn’t happen without commitment or discipline. That’s where Saturn comes in to help. Saturn forces us awake, by either committing to daily practice of awareness, (yoga, meditation, etc.) or by bringing us hardship and confrontation.

Neptune casts a shadow of illusion over whatever we’re doing. Did I just see that? Can that really be happening? Am I being taken advantage of? Taken for granted? No, it can’t be. Well, the big guys must be right, I’m just a little person with my little life. I have no way of combatting them. Sure, as long as you stay in a state of confusion, you have no chance of confronting anything. Until Saturn comes along. That Saturn sure is a pain in the neck, but it gets us moving.

These two planets getting together brings us to a point where we can no longer handle our same old issues in the same old way. This has been a particularly hot time for health care to become an issue, at least in the U.S. More specifically, we are now in a place to look at the reality (Saturn) of our health care system (Neptune). Naturally, this leads me to the subject of Michael Moore’s film, “Sicko.” (You knew I had to go there.) This is the perfect example of this current transit on many levels. First, it’s a documentary – a film (Neptune) about realistic subject matter (Saturn) that affects a society (Leo and Aquarius). Then it is about the corporations (Saturn) that manage the health and health insurance of the citizens (Neptune). But this film shows poverty, illness, charity, the illusion of being cared for, people being taken advantage of by a system. And many of us allowing it to happen by staying in a confused and victimized state about this matter, and letting someone else solve it (or not). As people are watching this film, they feel motivated to help change this healthcare situation.

Clearly Mr. Moore has the compassion and empathy to tell these stories, while getting our collective butts into action. He is a global example of Saturn and Neptune operating in our lives.

Look at all the places in your life where you feel victimized or powerless in the face of authority. Also, where you’re in denial about your health and well-being, expecting the authorities to be responsible. Identify chaos and clutter in your life, how you are avoiding dealing with issues. This will be the best use of these powerful energies available to all of us right now. Once you identify with this transit, then you will find within yourself the power to creatively change your life for the better.

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