Deb McBride

April, 2007

Have the last few months felt like a plodding struggle? Has it been a slow crawl through life every day just to get something accomplished? Does it feel like you are on a treadmill you can’t get off? No relief, no goals feel close to finished, no work feels satisfying? These days it seems to take a lot of effort to have fun.

This is Saturn in its retrograde period. Working hard behind the scenes and feeling as though the workload never ends. No relief and no fun in sight. But now there is light at the end of the tunnel. This week we are experiencing the direct station of the planet Saturn in the sign of Leo. Saturn is now ready to finish the job it started two years ago. This is a better moment for Leos, as it means that Saturn, the planet of hard work, discipline and restriction will finally begin to make its way out of their sign and will not return for nearly another 3 decades. The burden, the pressure and the hard work they have been experiencing has not been for naught. Any Leo could probably tell you how they have spent the last two years reinventing themselves, creating a new self-image and pulling their creativity out of a hat. It took every cell and every fiber of their being to reclaim their lives and they cannot take that energy for granted. But at the end of the transit, accomplishment is met with reward. If one wants to get a job done, Saturn is the power to call upon.

This does not apply only to those with their Sun sign as Leo, for everyone has Leo somewhere in their chart. Wherever you have been working like a dog, you can expect some relief, achievement, reaching of goals or shift in the way you have been handling your work. You will finally begin to breathe again. The very good news in this is that Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and good fortune will be in positive aspect to Saturn as it makes this transition. This will support the steps forward that one will take now. Especially if you are a fire sign, this is a greatly supportive time to see your efforts through and watch them begin to bear fruit. Saturn will remain in Leo until September 2, 2007, so keep focused on this creative effort until then.

Additionally, this is a special transit of Saturn. It is sitting at a sensitive point in the zodiac for an entire month. In August of 1999 there was a major solar eclipse at this point. It was in the sign of Leo and involved a major configuration of planets, causing some very profound energy to be present in everyone’s lives. This was an intense period for everyone, filled with upheavals, relationship issues, new beginnings and endings. A lot of karma was flying around during that time. So, as Saturn changes direction in Leo this week, it will bring us memories of that time period. We may hear of people we haven’t seen since then, people who were friends, colleagues where we worked, relationships we had. These memories are fleeting, not permanent, as these people are not likely to return to our lives, unless of course, they have never left.

This is only the beginning of a much more complicated recollection of 1999 and 2001, which will unfold later in September of 2007. Pay close attention to events now and events that will occur in early September this year. They are related.

I leave you with these thoughts –

How did your life change after August of 1999? What brought these changes into being? Did you make decisions or initiate projects back then that are being revisited now?

So, this is a time to reflect upon what happened in our lives back then. How did our lives permanently transform?


April 7, 2007

Easter conjures up a variety of experiences for me. Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s about renewal, renaissance, resurrection of what has passed and is now returning in a new form. This feeling begins as the Sun arrives at 0 degrees of Aries on March 21, the beginning of the Zodiac, the start of new life and a new cycle in seasons. An event such as the Easter Story would only happen in the spring, as it is about rebirth, and is a profound myth for the regenerative powers of life. For nature and earth, this happens as spring arrives. I always welcome and celebrate the spring time, there is something romantic about it. With it comes the arrival of the flowers, the warmer weather, the misty rain, the buds on the trees, the cherry blossoms lining the streets and the time to plant one’s own garden. The Easter eggs are surely a sign of life about to crack open and unfold, and bunnies represent a prolific new life force. Both are a symbol of fertility.

Wherever there has been a growth of life, there has been an initial seed planted in some fertile territory. And in order for that seed to have planted itself, there had to be a desire, or urge to become one with something greater, and to grow into something that experiences the cycles of life.

When I was in college, I would sit at my dorm room desk by the window and watch every spring as two rabbits would play together on the lawn. This was a ritual for them, their rite of spring. And it became a ritual for me. Every day I would see them together, especially when the sun was going down for the evening and they would hop together in the twilight. I knew what they were up to. I was charmed by the nature of it all and the simple urge of the life force, and its desire to go on living.

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