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November, 2006

All Souls Day 2006

November 1, 2006
All Soul’s Day is the time of year that Catholics believe that we on earth pray for those departed loved ones who have yet to be cleansed of venial sins. Venial sins, like not going to church, then lying about it to Grandma. Putting shaving cream on someone’s car on Halloween. Or believing in astrology. If someone is not cleansed of their venial sins, then after death they remain in Purgatory and cannot see Heaven. Unless, of course, their loved ones on earth give them a hand.

Now, I’m not a good Catholic. But I am a competent astrologer. All of this lore is appropriate to the realm of Scorpio, the sign in which the Sun travels at this time of year every year. So, during the time of Halloween spooks and praying for the dead, the main source of energy in our solar system travels through an area of the cosmos associated with those very subjects. And if you notice, it is a time of year when the Sun begins to die – meaning the hours of sunlight decrease and the days grow shorter (in the northern hemisphere). Death, life after death, death after life and what happens when we die. It’s a time to ponder all of those questions.

So, let’s ponder…
I was out to dinner the other evening and I heard a story. A woman told of her sister who, in nursery school, had a flashback to a past life. She flipped back and remembered being a man in a war in a foreign country and getting killed. Later in her life she researched the events and was able to confirm them. The woman had a son. As a young child one day he sat up in his crib and cried “I don’t want to go back to war!” Apparently he had a similar experience to his mother. Could it be they each suffered a violent end and came quickly into a new life? Some reincarnationists believe this is the case, when one’s lifetime ends violently one’s soul takes a short time to return to life on earth.
A number of years ago I had a friend who had a previous lifetime flashback. She was going to downtown New York City in a taxi with her husband and was gazing out the window. When they reached Soho and she looked up into one of the loft spaces she remembered being there for a party. Only the party was in the 1960’s and she recalled dying of a drug overdose that night at the party. She said she was wearing a glittered dress. She wasn’t the type who went looking for past lifetimes, they didn’t really occur to her. She’s a Capricorn, and if you know anything about them, they’re people of the earth who usually lead regular earthbound lives. She was rather alarmed by her experience. Another violent end to a life, and she came back soon after in 1966.
And then there is the story of one three year old little girl whose beautiful dog died while she and her parents went away on vacation. It was terribly sad for them. What could the parents tell their little girl upon arriving home to no dog? This was her first experience with death. They bought children’s books explaining death and dying for little ones. But alas they told her that their beloved dog had gone to heaven and was in the clouds. Apparently she found this unacceptable. She told her grandmother, “Nannie, I fly in airplanes with Mommy many times and I no see dog in cloud!”
I guess that says it all.
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